In this project we worked to understand and map a restaurant's ecosystem, backstage operations and customers' journeys.

We chose to work with Pauline's Pizza in San Francisco, interviewing customers, staff & the owner.

We conducted a few on-site immersions, learning about the business's behind-the-scenes operations - mapping activities, interactions and props.

Goal: mapping all the players, activities, and relationships that are part of a successful restaurant's dining experience.

Deliverable: Service blueprint, Customer journey map and a presentation with the conclusions and insights.

A group project with Sara Ras and Jherin Miller. Created for a Design Research course at CCA, taught by Lauren Ruiz and Amy Bickerton.

Roles: Research, Synthesizing, System Mapping.

Service Blueprint

Blue Print

Customer Journey Map

Journey Map

Download Pauline's Restaurant Ecosystem presentation

Detailed Background, Process Documentation, Planning, Research, Persona, Visuals, Insights, etc. (16.3 MB)