The TidBit system helps individuals remember to perform recommended regular breast self exams.

The system doesn't do this by increasing motivation, but rather focuses on triggering that behavior in a contextually appropriate space, reminding one it's due.

Goal: Create a system to help individuals start, maintain or increase a desired behavior, with a focus on the unboxing experience.

Individual project for a Behavior course at CCA, taught by Haakon Faste.


It is estimated that this year alone 246,660 women will receive a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer. About 11% of all new cases of breast cancer occur in women under 45.

Interviews, surveys and secondary research showed that women, and specifically women 18-30 do not perform a breast self exam on a regular basis, but are aware of the importance of the exam and the dangers that can be avoided with it.

While statistically the odds of finding irregularities increases with age, it is not a concern that is limited to a specific age. Unfortunately, the subject is rarely discussed with that age group.

The TidBit system doesn't accomplish its goal by motivating people, as research has shown this tactic to be ineffective. Instead, it reminds them that a BSE is due in a contextually appropriate space.

I analyzed this task based on BJ Fogg's Work on Behavior Change, Ability and Simplicity - what are the resources needed, and what resources do our target groups have?

The challenge is to pinpoint where a trigger will succeed in sparking the action, while the ecosystems supports and augments the abilities needed to perform the task.


How might we help women comply with the breast self exam, on a regular schedule?

How might we reduce the stress associated with performing any sort of breast exam?

How might we bring the BSE (Breast Self Exam) to an area of general health? (Rather than its current association with terminal illness, disease and surgery.)


A main focus point for this project was the unboxing experience: Opening, the box, installation, and first Use.

Each TidBit kit contains a TidBit device and setup instructions. The recipient is encouraged to engage with the product immediately: install the accompanying guidance app, and mount the device in a personal space.